[listening] Your Spotify Lists ( or whatever you use)


The Guvnor
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This is for your Spotify lists, or whatever your music service is.
It's not really for discussion, we can use What's On The Turntable? for that..
So just lists, and remember they need to be public, and they may or may not be collaborative..


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Currently musing whether to get a Premium account for Spotify, especially as it works with my Chromebook happily, unlike Apple Music. Plus I've heard that there are 'complications' if you add Apple Music to an iTunes account that already has iTunes Match on it (in that the DRM is reinstalled when you end an Apple Music subscription). If I do go down this route, I think that the decider will probably be the fact that Spotify works in a browser window and Apple Music doesn't, as they have price matched these days.
I have a Spotify Family account which is currently hammered by all of my attached teenagers/20-somethings.

Monsterhearts - this is my 'get in the mood' music for any game of Monsterhearts I run.

Kennedy - this is, with a few modern additions - the playlist I used when I was a DJ back at uni. Proper 80s/90s indie nonsense

Classical Music - in the Star Trek Beyond definition of classical music