[selling] ZineQuest 2020


The Guvnor
Staff member
So, this is a thing. A thing I didn't know about.
I love(d) zines so this is a thing I shall have to catch up with..


1. Create an RPG zine project on Kickstarter with a two-week funding period.
2. Launch your project between February 2 and 29, 2020.
3. Email us at games@kickstarter.com to let us know that your project is live.
What makes a Zine Quest zine?
Zines must either contain an RPG or feature RPG-related content
, like maps, adventures, monsters, comics, articles, and/or interviews.

Zines must be 5.5” x 8.5” (A5) or smaller.

Zines must feature one-color printing. Think beyond black ink, or consider printing on colorful paper.

Zines must be unbound, folded, stapled, or saddle-stitched. No hard cover or perfect binding allowed.

Campaigns should last no more than two weeks. Keep your project small and doable. In two weeks, you could launch another zine, or just look back proudly on a job well done.

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